5 Great Ideas For A Christmas Party

Published: 25th August 2009
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Christmas is a time when even the most skeptical and saddest of souls feel like celebrating out of their skins. Therefore, preparations for parties and get-togethers start much before the Christmas Eve. But are you tired of the same old party ideas that are used in almost every other Christmas party that you attend? Then why not be the host this year? Make it a memorable Christmas party for all your guests, including the special ones in your life!

Here are some fresh and sure-fire ideas to make your Christmas party a memorable one:

Spacious Party-Floor - Choose a large space for the party, whether it is your garden or the dining space. A spacious place has a great advantage for allowing several themes to be coagulated into one - making it easier for your guests to move about in an otherwise routine Christmas party. You can have sand and water pockets installed in your lawn to give it a beach-party feel, all the while serving the drinks and food in old-Victorian style crockery! A spacious floor will also leave enough space for post-dinner dances in the evening!

Trick the Lights - Lights can play a huge role in making or breaking the ambiance of your party. Making them too low can put a sense of insecurity and imbalance among the guests while lights that are too intense can cause discomfort by highlighting too much makeup or interpreted as intrusive. Instead you can have minimal lamps installed, along with candles that not only infuse an unearthly cheer and glow in the rooms, but also keep the party animals happy!

The Christmas Tree - Many parties often ignore the Christmas tree as its great focal point. Instead of keeping the symbol of Christmas standing lonely in a corner, ask all your guests to bring an ornamental gift (every guest brings an exclusive one) for the Christmas tree itself. As the tree gets decorated, the guests, especially the children, will have a gala time appreciating and enjoying together one of the hallmarks of Christmas celebration.

The Drinks - In these recession-hit times, replace the assortment of white and red wines with the Prosecco. A sparkling white wine straight from Italy, it is all bubbly and nice to serve, without sweeping your bank balance clean! For the kids you can have fruit syrups and squashes stored along with simple but clean water - a great substitute for routine sodas. Trust me after a sumptuous dinner, not only the kids but the adults will also love the fruit juices!

Mind the Food - The food should compliment the party, and not be its sole focal point. If you focus more on food than the people, you'll ruin the fun as a host. Jam, honey, cheese and several other items that can be dressed upon the table itself, with cookies and biscuits or dishes that can be re-supplied in a short span of time are the best options available for arranging food in a party. Beer in a Christmas party might not be such a great idea after all.

With these ideas in mind, arranging for and managing your own Christmas party would definitely be a success. However, you also need to fix up a time by which the party should be over. 8 pm would be suitable with an hour extra for reluctant stragglers. So, this year enjoy Christmas as much as your guests do with a party that will be remembered for a long time!


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