Exploring mid career switch and Upgrading your skills through professional conversion programmes

Published: 14th September 2009
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In the present economic crisis there are many people who have lost their jobs and many more in search of a better career. There have been several adverse effects of the economic crisis in the job sector. This phenomenon has been felt highly by the people of Singapore too. According to the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, the economy of Singapore has suffered some heavy losses. For this reason there might be instances of more job cuts and unemployment in the year 2009. The Ministry of Trade and Industry has also reiterated the fact that the GDP growth for the fiscal year 2009 is lagging behind by 2% to 1%. The crisis has hit every sector including the tourism sector which is one of the most profitable sectors in Singapore. Professional, Managers and Technicians (PMETs) are now planning for mid-career switch with the help of Graduate conversion program such as Executive Master Programs and Postgraduate Diploma programs.

Singapore being the hub for professional courses, there are many professional conversion programs and SPURs oriented for the professionals. There are large numbers of PMETs employed in the labor force of Singapore. As these people draw high salaries so the government feels that they might face the crux of the financial crisis. Though there are many PMETs who have the skills to cope up with the changing job scenario there are professional conversion programs (PMP) and SPURs courses which assist in job search and training.

There are many government and non-governmental agencies that have come up with professional conversion programs (PMP) and SPURs courses. The courses mainly focus on enabling the PMETs to grab the job opportunities and thus make a wise career switch. The Workforce Development Agencies in association with the economic agencies in Singapore are trying to introduce professional conversion programs especially designed keeping in mind the requirements of different sectors. There are many programs that have been launched in the last few months for pre-school education, pharmaceutical manufacturing, health care and workplace safety. There are many SPURs (Skills Program for Upgrading and Resilience) that have been planed keeping in mind the needs of Digital animation artists and stage managers. These programs are direct initiatives by the government and the Universities in Singapore. There are other private organizations that are creating innovative programs for the overall development of the professionals.

The professional conversion programs (PMP) and SPURs include creating workshops, skills achievement tests, acquiring some key computer skills (including learning the new software and upgrades in the computer world). There are some organizations that also offer stipend to the students. The students also get the opportunities to work as apprentice in some of the top companies. Master Programs in Singapore can be taken up while you are pursuing a job too. The Singapore MBA School will make sure that you get a payroll leave from your job during the course.

Mark Jonathon teaches, coaches executive master programs and master programs Singapore.The author is an expert in MBA courses offered in Singapore. He has an in-depth knowledge on different types of MBA courses on offer. The author provides recommendations and effective advice to the MBA aspirants who are opting for MBA in Singapore

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