Finding the Right Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Accessories

Published: 08th December 2009
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Vacuum cleaners are a must in every household, otherwise, how else can you keep your house dust free and squeaky clean? When you buy a branded vacuum cleaner like Electrolux, Hoover or Dyson it is sometimes easier to find replacement bags, belts and filters. But then again, there are many unbranded vacuum cleaners available with difficult to find replacements. These are generally found in High Street grocery outlets and catalogue stores such as Tesco, Asda, Argos, Lidl or Aldi under brand names such as Lervia, Durabrand ONN, Proaction or Parkside. Trying to find bags filters and belts for these can be a nightmare. Try the FiltaMAGIC website.

There are many advantages of choosing vacuum cleaner bags and accessories from this company. First of all, as far as quality goes, there is no difference between a vacuum cleaner bags made by FiltaMAGIC and the genuine item. The same care and quality control goes into making them and independent testing has shown that the performance of these bags is as good if not better. But these vacuum cleaner bags are usually quite a lot cheaper than the genuine replacements, that's if you can even find them.

Vacuum cleaner bags are only one part of the extensive range of the many vacuum cleaner accessories that are supplied by FiltaMAGIC. Whether you need a vacuum cleaner filters, vacuum cleaner belts, floor tools or hoses you will find them on the website. Like the bags, these vacuum cleaner accessories cover all major brands like Miele, Electrolux, Hoover, Dyson or Proaction. Sometimes it becomes really costly and even time consuming to find spare parts for your vacuum cleaner. In such cases, you can easily trust this company to provide you with spare parts and accessories that are as good as those coming from the manufacturers and at reasonable prices. Like vacuum cleaner bags, these vacuum cleaner accessories come according to the type of vacuum cleaner that you have. If you are looking for vacuum belts for your upright vacuum cleaners, you will be amazed at the by the extensive range covered by this company. No matter whether you have Morphy Richards, Philips or Goblin, you will find all spare parts at FiltaMAGIC. Almost all models from these companies are available, even those which may not be in production any more. So, the FiltaMAGIC website offers an answer to the prayers of those customers who hold on to their reliable older model of vacuum cleaner requiring replacement bags or accessories.

Visit the FiltaMAGIC website and click on the respective sections of the vacuum cleaner accessories that you need. Then choose your style of vacuum cleaner and manufacturer's name. If you do it before 5:00 pm your order will be shipped the same day. The shipping charges are very reasonable and there are bulk purchase offers available on site, with savings of 25% and 30%. So, the next time you need any kind of bag, filter, belt or accessory for your vacuum cleaner, don't go for costly replacements or search for days looking for your brand just go to the FiltaMAGIC website.


Ken M tells you way to find the right Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Vacuum Cleaner Accessories . Whether you are a heavy or light user of vacuum cleaner bags and Vacuum filters, why not try our comprehensive range of compatible FiltaMAGIC bags and filters? They can save you money as the more you buy the more you save.

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