Healing Power of Gemstones

Published: 16th December 2009
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It is a belief that builds the world and this holds true for gemstones. People believed in the healing power of gemstone since time's immemorial. In ancient time's people like Aristotle surveyed and wrote about healing stones. It was followed in the Middle Ages by churchmen like Hildegard von Bingen and Marbod von Rennes. And this tradition continues till date.

Gemstones acts like natural batteries and helps to replenish energy. They act as the armor against the onslaught of bad luck, disease, accidents, phobia, evil spirits, mental aberrations, and karma. These stones help in determining one's fate and destiny. They not only protect one from ill effects but also help in bringing good luck and positive results. Gems like sapphire, emerald, ruby, symbolizes love, beauty, wisdom, and many self-enhancing attributes.

Gemstones are commonly associated with zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign can be assigned to gemstones according to their requirements. Each has its own unique function to perform. Some help in concentration, some prevents fatal diseases, and some act as excellent healing stones while there are others which helps to relieve anxiety and stress. Astrology and esotericism portal determines the healing quality of each gemstone. Throughout history gemstones have been associated with certain characteristics. They are not only used to enhance one's beauty but especially used for their healing and magical powers.

Gemstones that are used for their magical power:

• Aquamarine: it helps to calm down one's nerves and also acts as an aid against forgetfulness.

• Blue Sapphire: This stone helps to improve memory, and also nourishes and heals the mind.

• Amethyst: It is used for spiritual healing; relieve anxiety, stress, grief and depression.

• Emerald: Encourages inspiration, faith, harmony, love, friendship and unity.

• Pearl: Helps to promote peacefulness. It helps in digestion, lessens stress and exhaustion.

• Red Coral: It helps to cure anemia, weakness and dental problems and also prevent accidents.

• Garnet: This healing crystal helps prevent accidents, anxiety, fever, sorrow and infidelity.

• Gomed: A gemstone that cures fatal diseases like cancer, skin diseases and leprosy.

The list does not end here. The category also includes:

• Diamond: The healing crystal is regarded as a master healer. It helps to remove blockages and all kinds of emotional negativity.

• Jade: Helps in relieving eye problems and kidney complaints. It is also widely used as a talisman for friendship and loyalty.

• Moonstone: It helps to promote happiness and long life. It gives inspiration and helps to obtain love and sensitivity.

• Peridot: Cures insomnia, helps in digestion, and helps to soothe the nervous system.

• Rock crystal: It relieves vertigo, kidney troubles, dizziness and hemorrhage,

• Zircon: This gemstone is regarded as a general healer. It helps to prevent insomnia and liver complaints.

• Turquoise: An excellent healing stone. It helps to calm the body and mind, and prevents depression.

Although the healing powers of gemstones are not scientifically proven they are still widely used in the world. Opinion varies from person to person. Some believes in it some take it lightly. But it is indeed very interesting to learn new and innovative facts about our diverse and magical world.


Heinrich Meister provides astrology, horoscope, esotericism, zodiac sign, ascendant, personal horoscope, healing stone and fate. People believed in the healing power of gemstone since time's immemorial.

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