High Heel Sandals: Do’s And Don’ts

Published: 16th October 2009
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A beautiful pair of shoes completes your attire. And if it is a pair of high heel sandals you definitely should never give a second thought and team it with your Indo-Western or formal wear. But then, apart from the beauty factor high heels some with some major health related troubles which will definitely leave room for consideration. Cracked heels, swollen toes are a common problem. With all these, a major portion of the women has to compromise a lot when it comes to wearing stylish high heel shoes and stilettos. Hence, it has become an essential part of the beauty regimen of the new age woman to pamper her feet with professional pedicures. After all, sleek and stylish high heel sandals look and feel great when worn and carried nicely, however they might cause serious problems if not carried properly.

High Heel sandals are the first preferences of women when it comes to showing yourself in style. So, whether you are a corporate executive or a supermodel blazing the ramp, you can be the real show stopper at a party or a family gathering in your high heeled sandals. The demand for high heel sandal is everywhere leave aside the fashion industry. This is because apart from making you feel beautiful, it makes you look fashionable and adds a stature. It compliments your entire persona and makes you feel confident as you walk down the corridor in that exquisitely fit formal suit matched perfectly with black high heel sandals. For that flawless traditional look, choose a pair of traditional embroidered mojaris to go well with a designer saree or a gaudy lehenga choli. For day to day wear, nothing matches a pair of comfortable Indian spring shoes, flower print footwear, colorful slip ons and the latest range of colorful jute shoes with floral and other geometrical designs. So there are quite a number of ways to make your feet feel happy but at the same time it should be remembered that nothing comes without negative effects. If high heel sandals give you a wow factor, then it has its share of disadvantages too. Hence, wearing them right is the best way to avoid foot troubles in the future. Sticking to some dos and don'ts can be very helpful in the long way.


· Maintains your balance as this is very important if you are wearing high heels.

· Walk with a straight posture with your head held


· Take small steps and not bigger ones. Maintaining a proper elegance is very important you are wearing high heels.

· Choose the correct type of high heel that suits you. If you are comfortable with block heels buy them. It is better for people who are a little over weight. The flatness of the heel provides more balance. For those who are slim and are confident enough to carry it of,pencil heels can be very stylish.

· While walking in high heels, do not put the pressure on the heels.

· At the time of purchasing a high heel shoe, make sure that it is a perfect fit. A loose fit shoe can give you a bad grip on the high heel.

· While opting for a high heel sandal, make sure that the angle of feet while walking is good. If the ankles are too high in comparison to the fingers, then it will affect your walking and bent the heel in the long run.


· Never run in high heels. This may break the heel or bent it. At the same time, there is a chance to sprain your ankle.

· While walking or dancing do not exert too much pressure on the heels.

· Do not stamp your feet too hard on the ground while wearing high heels.

· Avoid walking on undulated road as it might damage the tip of the high heel.


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