How to Conceal Closet Doors

Published: 07th January 2010
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People may have several reasons to conceal an existing closet door. The two most common of all the valid reasons is safety of valuables or concealing a not so appealing closet. When you have permanently abandoned a closet, you may like to have its doors hidden too. No matter what the reason, concealing a closet door is an effortless job and can be done skillfully. The first step to hide the closet doors would be to remove the knobs and handles that are on the exteriors of the closet wall. Once the knobs are removed there are different ways in which you could camouflage the door. A vertical blind can be placed in front of the interior closet doors. Blind kits are easily available and installation of the same can be self done. Blinds help conceal the door and add to splendor of the interiors.

If the idea of the blinds does not appeal to you, you can place a book shelf in front of the closet doors and fill it with books and novelties. A book shelf with wheels is advisable, which can be placed aside easily to access the interior closet doors. By placing a book shelf, you not only hide the wardrobe but also utilize the spared room for your library. Alternatively, you could keep a table on the face of the door, covering half of it. The other half can be used as a display spot, for your photographs and other accouterments. It is advisable to decorate the table top with flower vases and other accessories. Wall paper with art, paintings or pictures can even be pasted on the closet doors to hide it from sight.

Homes which have leveled closet doors with the walls can have the knobs removed and the interior closet doors painted in the same color as that of the wall. In case you are making a new wardrobe, you can get custom closet doors made so that they are not seen or can go unnoticed easily. There are interior experts and professionals, who can do the task flawlessly. The custom made closet doors will be as per your liking and taste. Try placing your sofa on the door and have some shelves nailed on the closet doors. The shelves can be used for multipurpose tasks. In case you are looking for a permanent solution, remove the door and have the wall plastered. You can then use the wall and the space as per your convenience and liking.

Concealing of closet doors is not a big task. You can use your individual imagination and creativity to give it a completely new look. Make use of the existing furniture and articles in your house to remodel the interior closet doors. You can even get plenty of ideas from the online stores or from your local carpenter. So go ahead and conceal that closet door in style!


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