How to Purchase Sliding Closet Doors

Published: 07th January 2010
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A sliding closet door helps to save a lot of space and looks very contemporary. It adds to the ambience of the home or office décor. Whether you have a walk in closet or a wardrobe, sliding interior closet doors can be installed effortlessly. In case you are refurnishing your house, you can choose sliding doors as compared to the swinging doors. There are many varieties and designs of interior doors with slides available in the market and in the online stores too. You can request for brochures and samples from merchants before you make any buying decision. However, there are several factors to consider before you buy and install sliding cabinet doors.

Closet doors with slides come in various materials. You can choose from wood, mirror, plastic as well as fabric. Wooden sliding doors are the most durable and are long lasting. They also have good resell value. Sliding closet doors with glass or mirror gives a very sophisticated and spacious look to the room. If you are selecting glass, check for its thickness and strength. If mirror does not work for you, give a try to the frosted or smoked glass slides. Plastic sliding interior doors is low on maintenance. They are light weight and can be cleaned easily. However they are easily damaged as compared to wood. Fabric is mostly used in custom closet doors and can be made to order. You can shop for non custom fabric doors too.

Apart from the material, measurement is a vital factor while you are shopping for interior doors with slides. Wrong measurements of the length and the width will make your purchase of no use. You can ask for the measurements of the slides from the merchant who supplied you the cabinet or the carpenter, in case yours is a new construction. While purchasing slides of the closet doors, check on the installation process. If the fittings have to be self made, it is advisable to understand the system completely before trying your hands. It is prudent to get the doors company fitted. One must check that the runner and the track are compatible to the existing wardrobe or closet. You must buy panels with a good damper system for smooth and silent functioning of the slides. You can even ask for professional help from the merchants as far as design, material and installation is considered.

Price comparisons cannot be overlooked while you are shopping for interior doors for the closets with slides. You may find many alternatives, but quality should not be compromised. Keep checking for seasonal discounts and sales. A little bargaining with the merchant may help you make savings. Custom closet doors would be a little heavy on the pocket but the results are complimenting. Sliding closet doors not only help saves the room but adds to the attractiveness of the wardrobes.


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