How To Write A Perfect Email For Your First Dating Contact

Published: 30th October 2009
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Are you into online dating? Are you frustrated at sending emails and not getting responses from people? Have you tried a lot of tricks that have not worked so far? If you are a victim of such online dating crisis then there are tips specially made for you. You will learn about some basic strategies of writing effective and alluring emails that are guaranteed to get you good responses.

Step-1: Analyze some of the bad emails she gets many times a day and see why these frustrate her. Attractive women involved in online dating get tons of emails from several guys everyday. So just have a look at the emails that are sent by an average guy.

''Hi, I came across your profile and it is really cute. I like the hat you wore in the picture, its really nice, where did you get it from? Anyway take a look at my profile and if you like it, send me an email!"

Firstly, women want to look beautiful and not cute. So ban the word 'cute' from your vocabulary. 'I like your hat' is a worse sentence and must never use it. "Come take a look at my profile" is a line with which most of the emails end so try and make your email unique. You can write something interesting so that can naturally appeal to your reader.

Step-2: Compose unique lines when looking for an online date. Most of the guys write the same lines in their mails over and over again. You should grab the attention of the lady with interesting and unique lines. One of the ways to make your emails interesting and unique is to add some humor to them. Create a connection with her by being insightful.

Step-3: Displaying good sense of humor is great way to attract someone. Firstly, visit her profile and go through it minutely, pick up something unique that has probably not been noticed by others. You should make funny but touching comments on this rare aspect of hers and how you two are bound by the common interests. Picking out a unique aspect about her, it will itself attract her attention and you can add spark to that with your funny comments.

Step-4: Most of the guys do not look for in-depth analysis written at a profile. They might pick up a few points here and there to start their conversation, but it is necessary to be insightful and to be able to read between the lines. Feel the emotions that are attached with the lines and try and make up a mindset about the woman. Every woman wants a person that would understand her and this is why you should make comments that would make her believe that you truly can realize her feelings deep down.

Step-5: You have grabbed her attention, made her believe that you are a humorous, funny guy who understands her and have already drawn her attention. So, why don't you wrap up the email and ask her to visit your profile? Well there are a lot of ways but the most simple and effective one is to try and create a positive image of you two together and command her to reply.

Just follow these simple steps and you are sure to get positive responses from people you like.


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