Mind Games Men And Women Play

Published: 20th August 2007
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Mind Games have always remained a point of tiff between men and women. There are two sides in every coin. Both men and women play mind games with one another, but have always ended up accusing each other. Generally, men and women play games because either they are emotionally insecure or they are not matured enough. If you are in a steady relationship and find your partner playing mind games with you, do not ever think of ending the relationship instantaneously. Give it a second try and communicate with your partner in a very open manner. Sometimes, misunderstanding destroys a relationship, thanks to lack of communication or miscommunication. If the problem still persists, you will know the time has come to end it, because if something is broken, it is broken forever.

Mind Games That Men Play:
One of the most annoying mind games played by the men-folk is the phone game. They always say that they do not receive calls if the timing is not convenient enough, while in reality they do. They don't take calls whenever they are busy, but expect you to call them or receive the calls in their free times even if it is really inconvenient for you. It is the basic nature of women that they do not like liars. If they come to know that men are lying on such trivial issues, it becomes hard for them to believe these men in the long run. The phone game is a common one among the mind games men play. But the kind varies depending on the characteristics of the men.

Another one they often play is when asked about their earlier relationships, they never answer in a straightforward manner.

They avoid the questions if you ask about your own relationships like where it is heading and you are rest assured that you won't get any simple and clear-cut answer. It may sound too trivial. But the thing is that it makes your relationship insignificant.

The worst game that a man can play is what he plays to get the woman sleep with him. They say whatever they feel like to get the things done and the worst game starts when the whole thing messes up after he gets the thing he wants. But only a looser can use tricks to sleep with women. Sex is such an intrinsic part in a relationship that should be done with utmost comforts and honesty from either side. If you find that your boyfriend becomes impatient while waiting to bed you, it is not a very good sign. Perhaps, this is the warning bell that says the time of putting an end to the affair has come.

Mind Games That Women Play:
There are certain mind games played by the women too. They always make you wait. You call them and send them message in their answering machine. She will take hours or even days to give you back a reply. She just pretends that she is not too much interested about you while earlier; she had given you an "I Like You" signal. You can call them after two or three days just to make sure if she had received the message or not. But after that, leave everything on her. Let her decide how to carry on the relations.

Sometimes, your girl plays a dumb game just to get the work done by you. She pretends to be unknown about some task whereas the fact is that she knows everything about this, but does not want to try. If you surrender to this game, make a habit of it, because it is just the tip of the iceberg. Try to teach her while doing it, so that she finds no excuse next time.

Another is the tendency of fishing for compliments. It is like a trap for you. Do not get into the trap. If she asks you whether she is looking attractive in an outfit, be sure she herself likes it. So, reply carefully. Your simple answer may create a world war. Just say that she looks beautiful in whatever outfits she wears.

The girl behaves strange when there is time to reveal her feelings. She acts in such a way so that you feel that you are really hard to get. So, make her think that she is someone special to you. At the same time, let her understand that you can change your mind and shift your concentration somewhere else if it does not work well here.

Sometimes she wants you to be mind reader. By this way, she wants to taste whether you care for her. Go and tell her that you are not a prophet and cannot waste your time by reading her mind, but you care for her and want her to be happy. So, she should tell you what she wants exactly.

She has urgent talk with you only when you are absorbed in a news program or in a sports channel. You have to make her understand, otherwise, get ready for a daylong discussion, which is enough to spoil your weekend.

Silence is the symptom of a bigger war. Whenever she speaks less or almost nothing, get sure that you have done something wrong. But do not expect her to tell you about this.

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