Paris Hideaways Explores Rue Montorgueil Your Romantic Vision Of Paris Rolled Into One Rue

Published: 07th August 2009
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The Rue Montorgueil, in the 2nd arrondissement, is your entire romantic Parisian vision packed into one street. The pedestrianized cobblestone street, also known as the Pedestrian s Quarter, is lined with cafes, bars and restaurants spilling over with baguettes, cheese, wine and chocolate being enjoyed at tables filled with relaxing, coffee-drinking locals and tourists alike.

Rue Montorgueil has become one of the best places for hipsters to be spotted shopping, socializing and being seen -one of many perfect examples of how Paris manages to merge modern hustle and bustle of a global metropole with a village-like feel that seems to exist in another place and time.

Other than the Starbucks at the northern end of the street, the Rue is absolutely authentic Paris, how Monet may have seen it for his La Rue Montorgueil painting now hanging in the Musee d'Orsay. At the south end of the Rue is the Saint Eustache Church, the Centre Georges Pompidou which is the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Les Halles the largest indoor (and largely underground) shopping mall in Paris.

In between those two ends you will find the following highlights of the Rue Montorgueil:

L'Escargot on 38 rue Montorgueil is a classic French restaurant founded in 1875 by the well known restaurateur Mignard.

Au Rocher de Cancale on 78 rue Montorgueil has well-priced and delicious salads and main dishes.

The famous bakery and pastry shop La Maison Stohrer on 51 rue Montorgueil opened its doors 1730 and is one of the oldest bakeries in Paris. A favorite of the French queen, Nicolas Stohrer, former patissier of Versailles, is credited with inventing the baba au rhum, a delicious dessert.

Precious eatery La Cocarde is tucked right off Rue Montorgueil on 7 Rue Marie-Stuart, another marble-paved pedestrian street and is one of the area's best values.

Impresario on 9 Rue Montorgueil is a contemporary art gallery which features eclectic decorative objects, jewelry, and paintings, which they sell for between 40-500EUR on site.

Explore the boutiques of Rue Tiquetonne, where you ll find some of the best young designer trends in the area, and some brocante - little bric a brac second hand 70s style trinkets.

Le Pain Quotidien, although a chain, has some very good brunch and a much more substantial continental breakfast than what you might find in a nearby cafe or bistro in the morning.

We recommend you start by shopping at Passage du Grand Cerf, as Passage that the New York Times calls the hippest shopping passage in all of Paris. Then continue to the Petit Champs to the Passage Vivienne, one of the most peaceful passages in Paris, along with some of the best shopping. When you exit the Vivienne, the upscale shopping continues along Rue Etienne-Marcel after the Place des Victoires, a unique circular square dominated by a statue of King Louis XIV on horseback, a beautiful sight with excellent designer shops.
Where Etienne-Marcel meets the Rue Montorgueil, turn into the street and stroll all the way down, stopping in as many bakeries and cafes as you can get sit down in, and enjoying the priceless people-watching.

When you ve filled up on your share of Parisian sweets and eats for the day, continue south, first to the Saint Eustache Church and then to Pompidou, where you should dedicate some time. In Paris it is hard to know which museum or gallery you can possibly leave out, as there are just so many, but the Pompidou is a must see in Paris.

Getting There
Metro lines 3&4 will bring you to the rue Montorgueil exit Etienne Marcel (Line 4), Sentier (Line 3) or RĂ©aumur Sebastopol (Lines 3 & 4).

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