The Changing Patterns Of Indian Dresses

Published: 03rd August 2009
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India has always been associated with culture and tradition, and therefore, the clothing of this great nation bears a mark of its culture. In the past years the symbol of Indian women was a girl wearing a colorful saree and ornaments. But with the winds of change the conservative image of women in India has transformed significantly and it reflects well enough through their attire of the day. The conservative attire has been left behind for a completely revamped but acutely fashionable Indo Western dresses available with ease today.

This change in the wearing habits of women is largely instigated by the busy schedule that they have to follow everyday. They have to travel in the public transport systems and have to be as harried and roughed up as men are subjected to. Though there are many detractors who feel that wearing Indo Western dresses is damaging the fabric of the Indian culture, but according to vox populi, this is the need of the hour. After all, comfort and style both are well served by the Indo Western skirts and other women dresses.

Indo Western dresses are indeed a fusion of the Indian tradition with the western styles. These dresses are ideal for any occasion - be it a formal one or an informal occasion of sorts. The fusion is created with Indi dresses such as salwar kameez, with decorative stoles being added into some of the Western wear such as jeans, trousers, tees, etc. The effect of this hybrid fashion wear has permeated into the Indian bridal wear too. The sarees are draped in Grecian style and saree blouses have become increasingly Western-influenced. Halter tops are also worn with Lehengas which is also another form of a traditional wedding dress. This fusion of forms is also noticed in case of jewelry trends as well.

There are various reasons for the rapid popularity of the Indo-Western dresses. These garments have an elegant and sophisticated appearance with the touch of Indian culture attached to it. This is the reason why they suit all occasions. Another reason is the perfect blend of elements from both Indian and Western cultures. They are neither too Westernized nor are they too ethnically Indian. So, these dresses can be worn by people of all ages, irrespective of their leanings towards any specific tradition or fashion trend. The positives of the Indo Western dresses have made them a craze among the young generation of the country.

There are different styles and types of the Indo Western dresses - from the daring ones to the comparatively modest ones. These clothes are very suitable for the Indian body types and this is the reason you can be assured about the comfort you will get from wearing them. Women skirts, womens tops and other women's dresses are found in various stores across the country such as Indidress. At this store, you will get all that you are looking for. There are stunning designs and a wide range of colors available. Moreover, you can also buy wholesale women's dresses as that would help you save a good deal too!

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