The Magic Behind The Christmas Decorations And Christmas Displays

Published: 12th October 2009
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Christmas is a wonderfully magical time of year. It's when high streets, stores and shopping centres are transformed into magical, mystical fairylands, with hundreds, or even thousands, of twinkling Christmas lights, giant Christmas trees and mesmerising Christmas displays, that capture the imagination of children from 1 to 100.
But have you ever stopped to wonder how these intricately designed displays are brought to life? How are they created? Who installs them? After all, it takes some of us all our time to hang the fairy lights around our own Christmas tree.

Well, for some companies, it really is Christmas every day, as these are the people who create the imaginative Christmas decorations for stores and Santa's grottos, not to mention the impressive shopping centre Christmas displays.

KD Decoratives, based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, is one of the largest UK companies that designs, creates and installs commercial Christmas decorations. For KD Decoratives, Christmas begins in spring when they start designing and building Christmas displays in preparation for December's celebrations. So for KD, Christmas is not so much a season of festivities, rather the culmination of a year's work.

"As you might expect, Christmas is our busiest time of year. While everyone is preparing for a family Christmas, we're travelling around the country and abroad to install Christmas decorations and Christmas lights in over 100 shopping centres and large stores. That's without counting the high street Christmas displays, pubs, restaurants, theme parks and Caribbean cruise ships," said KD Decoratives director, David Kitchen-Dunn.
Most stores and shopping centres open long hours in the run up to Christmas. To avoid any disruption, it means that the KD Decoratives' team, like Santa's elves, often work through the long cold nights to make sure that Christmas is special for all visitors.

While to some people, Christmas decorations in stores, shopping centres and head offices can appear an extravagant luxury especially during the difficult economic climate if planned properly, Christmas displays can make sound commercial sense.

KD Decoratives works closely with the client's management team throughout the year. It ensures that the Christmas decorations work hard to keep the store, shopping centre or restaurant ahead of the competition at Christmas. Enchanting Christmas decorations can encourage new visitors and repeat visits. They can also be used to drive footfall to certain parts of a shopping centre, all of which leads to increased visitor figures and, more often than not, more business for stores.

"It really is a year-long project. We usually start discussing next year's Christmas decorations almost as soon as we've dismantled this year's Christmas displays. We start by reviewing the feedback and establishing objectives for the coming year. Initial designs are created and, as soon as these are finalised and approved, usually early summer, we start creating the new decorations," explained David.

An early start is vital, especially when you consider that some of the Christmas displays KD manufactures cover an area the size of a football pitch. There was even one display involving a 12-meter high elephant holding a 3-meter wide umbrella in the middle a pond and a Santa train that ran through a winter wonderland complete with a gold mine full of working gnomes.

Yet the real magic comes when it's time to start installing the decorations. The majority of Christmas decoration installations take place within a two to four week period in late October or early November. It means that everything has to be planned in minute detail to ensure that everything goes smoothly and without delay.

"Store and shopping centre managers are incredibly busy at Christmas, which is why so many of them use our services. They know that they can rely on our specialist team to install everything on time and to their specifications, while respecting all necessary health and safety laws and site guidelines. We also offer a full maintenance, cleaning, dismantling and storage service that completely removes the stress associated with commercial Christmas decorations, for our clients," added David.
KD Decoratives has its own installation division, with technicians skilled and qualified in working at heights. They even employ qualified abseiling teams to get to those difficult to reach places.
So if you want to encourage visits, increase footfall or even make a direct profit from a Santa's grotto in your venue over the Christmas period, don't delay! Check out what KD Decoratives has to offer, you'll be amazed at the magical Christmas decorations they can create for you.
Family run KD Decoratives was founded by Gloria and Richard Kitchen-Dunn in the 1970s. Now, helped by their three sons, KD Decoratives continues to provide quality Christmas decorations, Christmas displays & Santa s grottos for commercial venues.

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