Top 5 Tips To Clear Your Airline Interview

Published: 11th May 2009
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Stumble and fumble - this is what most of the job seekers do when they turn up for an interview. Many of the job seekers looking forward to aviation industry jobs often fail to bag one due to lack of certain qualities. Here is check list job seekers should burn in their mind before heading for aviation industry jobs and assure their success:

1. Personality: Job seekers before an interview are often panicky and anxious. As you have to undergo round of interviews it is important to be what you are, overcome your nervousness and remain cheerful. Give an honest direct answer to the questions that you are being asked to you. You should be an attentive listener and should not interrupt when someone is talking to you. Often job seekers hang themselves by talking too much or go overboard. During an interview keep your facts straight and simple instead of giving canned answers or stereo typed responses. A good posture laced with a pleasant smile often helps to hook aviation industry jobs.

2. Qualifications: Job seekers should possess a high school degree or Government Equivalency Degree (G.E.D.) Command over certain languages like French, Spanish, German, Japanese, or Chinese is important especially if you looking for cabin crew vacancies, flight attendant jobs or air hostess jobs. More is definitely better especially if you are opting for helicopter pilot jobs. Be equipped to answer questions mentioned on your resume and application. Brush up your aviation knowledge, check out whether it is up to ATP standards or not. Carry with you a copy of your birth certificate, passport and college degrees. It is advisable to have a passport with you. Besides all these it's important that you have amiable personality and a hospitable nature.

3. Dressing: Look like a professional. Be well dressed and avoid being jazzy. Keep your makeup and jewelry subdued, if you wear any. A careful study of the dresses and make up of the aviation sector can help you in this respect. Men can wear standard dark black or blue with subtle pinstripes and a traditionally designed coat, a tasteful tie and black shiny shoes. To smell good you can wear a hint of perfume.

4. Know The Airline: Airline companies want employees who are enthusiastic about their company and about the new aviation jobs. Therefore do your homework about the Airline Company - Gather information like what types of aircraft they operate, their hubs, the pilot base, benefits offered, the basic employee compensation, vacation policy, and other general information about the airline.

5. Physical Fitness: Be physically fit as you have to undergo a physical fitness test. A medical certificate which clearly states that you are physically fit and in sound health is required at the time of joining. Depending on the airline, a job seeker has to go through a standard FAA physical test, followed by a blood test, a drug test and sometimes a brief psychological assessment. In some airline companies the candidates even have to go through a rigorous training program before joining the job.

However, the importance of networking can not be overlooked. Take a serious look on the above mentioned aspect and bag a job in aviation industry.

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